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IT support experts in LA say that the biggest cybersecurity threats of any business are going to be internal. This is for a few reasons. Oftentimes employees end up making your information vulnerable to hackers accidentally, sometimes deliberately, sometimes through negligence–which is similar to accidental compromise but requires a greater lack of care.

Protecting Your Business from Internal Threats

IT services in Los Angeles advice a few different tactics to help you most effectively safeguard your business against varying internal threats. A few best practices you may want to take include these:

Properly Educate and Re-Educate Personnel At Intervals

IT support providers in LA advocate, at minimum, annual re-education programs. You’ve got to train workers when you onboard them, then, as necessary, update them on new tech issues as they develop. If you can have a daily briefing on new tech threats, that would be good. It’s not feasible for most businesses. Annual or biannual refreshers tend to do the job for many SMBs.

Establish Clear Operational Protocols to Anticipate Incident, Establish Backups

You should put new protocols into place as new employees come into your company. This helps them collaterally maintain security directly. Basically, it’s preventative maintenance at another level. Also, have backup and disaster recovery (BDR) options in place for when the worst-case scenario transpires anyway.

Monitoring and Support Options to Identify, Isolate, and Restrict Anomalous Activity

Monitoring operations from afar, and supporting employees, helps you identify and isolate anomalous activity that could be an example of corporate espionage or an accidentally downloaded ransomware worm. Effective remote monitoring clips cybercrime that develops internally before it can become an issue.

Expanding Internal Security

Advanced Networks can help you find monitoring options, establish protocols for security in training, and develop recurring educational benchmarks for personnel. Altogether, such tactics should help you maintain greater security from the inside out. For more information, feel free to contact our IT support team in LA!

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