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When you outsource to an IT services provider in Los Angeles, you can get plenty of guidance on how to cut costs on energy. One of the proactive steps you can take with your IT team is to team up and create energy-saving tips for your staff, which will help your company save money. Here are basic facts and tips to know about laptop and battery use, which your remote employees can apply in these times.

Increase Use of Laptops

The use of laptops has increased in the workplace due to the effects of the pandemic, as an increasing number of employees now work from home. As a result, laptops are used more in a stationary place, so they can remain plugged into an AC outlet. In that sense, laptops have become less mobile and more like desktops.

Evolution of Mobile Device Batteries

Older devices could be damaged when batteries remained installed beyond their lifespan. The batteries used in mobile devices earlier this century were made of different materials that were susceptible to overloading and damage if left plugged in. More modern batteries are made of lithium-polymer or lithium-ion and are designed to divert excess power to storage rather than allow for overloading.

Laptop Safety

Laptops can get extremely hot if left plugged in. Over time, this regular exposure to heat can hurt the battery’s performance. A study by Battery University found that the cooler the device is, the less impact the temperature will have on the battery. That means it’s fine to leave your laptop plugged in as long as you keep it cool.

IT services provider in Los Angeles can advise you on how to use laptops safely from both heat and hackers. With various members using different devices and operating systems logging in to the network, it’s important for you and your IT team to set policies on how workers can use their own devices and which resources they can access.

A remote worker’s laptop can get damaged if they click an infected email. Experienced IT firms offer training tips on how to spot suspicious emails and avoid them. One of the most common hacker tricks is to impersonate someone familiar to the victim to win their trust, then they get the victim to click a malicious link that downloads malware onto their system. Working with an IT provider will help reduce or eliminate the problem of breaches caused by employee errors.


Implementing remote work for employees to work at home on their laptops is becoming more normal. It’s helpful to combine IT services in Los Angeles with cloud solutions to get your remote work rolling. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about setting up an efficient and safe remote working.

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