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IT Support Professionals in LA Who Value Clear Communication Over Jargon

Finding the right IT support team in LA for your business needs comes down to multiple factors such as technical knowledge, skill, experience, certifications, and access to multiple resources. While each of these factors should be a priority, do not overlook the more obvious quality that every business should possess: strong communication.

Jargon vs. Clear Communication

There’s a big difference between a technician who is aware of how uncommon technical language can confuse people and someone who is just trying to impress others with complex jargon. Which of the two types of communicators has more value to you? Most business managers outside of tech who turn to IT consultants do so because they lack the expertise to fix technical problems themselves.

As a manager who uses IT resources to run your business, you should at least have a general understanding of the following terms:

  • Backups – copies of your data and applications
  • Business continuity – continuous business activity without disruption
  • Cloud computing – using a third-party data center or your own intranet
  • Cybersecurity – multiple layers of security to block hackers
  • Disaster recovery plan – steps to take in the event of an emergency
  • Firewall – hardware or software devices that restrict network access
  • Hacker – an outsider who invades your network
  • Infrastructure audit – an assessment of your network to detect vulnerabilities
  • Malware – bugs designed to disrupt computers and networks
  • Patch – software update that fixes a security flaw
  • Phishing – scheme of a hacker disguised as a trusted source via email
  • Ransomware – malware that denies computer access until ransom is paid
  • Storage – media that stores data and applications
  • Virtualization – multiple virtual systems on one physical server

If you are already familiar with these terms, then you are ahead of the old-world managers who are still using Windows 95 and refuse to join the 21st century. With this basic IT vocabulary, you can have intelligent conversations with technicians.

Decoding Tech Talk

If you choose the right IT support firm in LA, you won’t have to worry as much about expanding your tech vocabulary. A reputable IT firm already knows that their job is to communicate clearly with clients, not talk down to them. Technicians who are just trying to show off expertise with overuse of jargon probably don’t have your best interests in mind. The best IT professionals want to know your business goals so that they can help you meet them.


Working with an IT support team in LA that values clear communication is essential to develop a long-term relationship that helps your business. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about how we can protect your data and keep your technology up-to-date.

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