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IT support IrvineBusinesses today churn out more and more gigabytes of data each day. It is absolutely vital that a business should have a backup storage plan in case a storage disaster strikes hard. Loss of valuable data could have a lasting negative impact on the financial health of your business. An IT support provider in Irvine can help you develop a solid storage backup plan to overcome a future catastrophe.

Why Businesses Need a Storage Backup Plan

There are a lot of ways that data loss can occur. Events like hardware failure, a malicious software attack, natural disasters, and human error are some common causes for loss of data. For small businesses, though, their ubiquitous use of computers hasn’t caught up with backup and storage strategies. Many small businesses consider backup plans to be too expensive or time-consuming, ignoring it altogether.

It is important for businesses to devise an effective storage strategy to ensure that files are recoverable should a loss occur. A majority of small businesses are unaware of data loss risks or simply do not understand how to better manage their data. Almost half of small business owners underestimate the impact that loss of data could have on their business and do not have a recovery plan just in case.

Data loss can cause a major inconvenience that disrupts the daily productivity of your employees setting back your timelines. It could potentially lead to loss of trust from customers if their private data is exposed to hackers and other third parties just because vital pieces of information was lost after a storage disaster. Also, your business will incur the costs of trying to recover the data, spending time and resources to recover these files.

IT Assistance for Data Recovery

Data recovery processes can be complex and often require that you seek the help of an IT support group in Irvine. IT support professionals are dedicated to helping you recover vital data and records and save you from a complete disaster. Whether it’s due to human error, a complete burn down of the building or theft, IT professionals with the technology and tools can help restore your data.

While most SMBs still use traditional backup methods such as USB drives and blank CDs, these are still vulnerable to damage. Cloud-based backup solutions provide better data security at a fraction of the cost. Businesses can opt for encrypted cloud storage which adds a security layer that cannot be hacked into or compromised by malicious software.

Choosing a robust backup strategy will give you peace of mind knowing that you can recover your data whenever you need. An IT support provider in Irvine can help your business achieve optimum data security by providing cloud-based storage solutions with data recovery tools. Contact us now at Advanced Networks for more information.

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