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How IT Support Providers in LA Can Help Businesses Benefit from SD-WAN

IT support LAMillennial customers are demanding better and flexible Wi-Fi, and as a result, IT support providers in LA are offering open, nonproprietary SD-WAN technology to address the demand. In addition, enterprise customers expect service providers to have fast, cloud-based Wi-Fi for secure internet connectivity.

Thus, you need flexible Wi-Fi to win over customers, especially millennials. Thanks to the technology, there’s no need for costly routing hardware. Instead, connectivity and Internet-based services are provisioned via the cloud. Other benefits include:


The chief goal of the SD-WAN technology is to help your business deliver a customer-focused, secure, business-class, and cloud-based WAN connection. This implies open Wi-Fi that can support basic and dynamic connectivity for premium services including applications delivery control (ADC), VPN, and WAN optimization.

With major technology vendors creating more offerings for cloud-based WAN, you can expect customer demands to grow stronger. For example, optimized cloud-based Wi-Fi for fast speeds for video content.
Luckily, with a qualified technology vendor, you can transform your network infrastructure from traditionally fixed bandwidth to an open, cloud-based Wi-Fi by leveraging the network-as-a-service model.

Improved Quality of Service (QoS)

IT support providers in LA help businesses achieve high QoS through network-as-a-service solutions, which are set up to deliver on-demand network for various applications. In contrast to regular connectivity, this design is optimized for services on demand, for example, video streaming. Plus, the improved performance is achieved while reducing the total cost of ownership of network infrastructure.


Enterprise customers, for example, tourists spending a holiday or a weekend at a hotel often connect to the Wi-Fi using multiple devices. With an SD-WAN as-a-service solution, you’ll be able to maintain excellent Wi-Fi strength to support the high bandwidth consumption.

For example, it is common for an enterprise customer to stream a song on their laptop while browsing a magazine website on their phone.

You’ll also be able to deliver the desired customer experience for loading multimedia content, which involves bandwidth-hogging, and at a reduced cost because it employs broadband connectivity instead of MPLS.

Unlimited Scalability

With the need to scale your network to meet increased demand for Wi-Fi, SD-WAN provides an excellent choice for fast deployment. Besides, the technology offers a cost-effective path to greater agility. For instance, it gives you the control to drop and add new connections with a centralized management interface for your network connection.


At Advanced Networks, we pride ourselves on providing managed network services to boost the productivity of your business to keep up with growth. Partner with us today to experience reliable IT support in LA or contact us to learn more about SD-WAN technology.

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