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IT support LAWith the prevailing threat vectors in the cyberspace, it is critical to embrace business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions from IT support providers in LA. While a business continuity plan shares some similarities with a disaster recovery plan, the two are not the same.

Disaster recovery strictly involves the setting up of redundancies necessary for the recovery of data and computing infrastructure in the event of a catastrophe. On the other hand, a business continuity plan entails a large-scale plan designed to help in the restoration of business operations at an organization-wide level in case of a natural or artificial disaster.

Here’re the top business continuity planning and disaster recovery best practices:

Exploit Virtualization Technology

As the severity of cyber-attacks accelerates, virtualization technology has brought about a remarkable breakthrough in the realization of load-balancing and dependable failover systems. These solutions ensure that business operations go on normally by enabling the seamless transfer of users to an alternative computing environment.

As a result, your operational processes continue as though no disaster impacted your organization.

Update Your Plan Regularly

IT support providers in LA prioritizes continuous optimization of recovery plans. Although the initial setup of your recovery plan may cover all the critical aspects necessary to overcome a disaster, new threat vectors keep on advancing. Thus, implementing progressive updates enable you to address new threats as they emerge.

For example, if you have several recovery points that are proven to work at the beginning of the year, you can’t rely on the same approach to address recovery for new cloud-based applications. For the new off-site systems, update your BCDR plan to align with the cloud so that it will be easy and quick to recover in case a disaster strikes.

Test Your BCDR

A business continuity and disaster recovery plan is futile unless it has been tested and proven to work. Testing your plan on a regular basis helps ensure that it is accessible and workable in the event of a crisis.

The testing should simulate all possible outcomes of a disaster, from a minor error to an extreme situation such as the catastrophic wipeout of your premises by a tornado. Doing so will empower you with great insights to build on your existing plan to achieve great resilience so that a disaster doesn’t take you out of business or tarnish your reputation.


With a dependable IT support provider in LA like Advanced Networks, you can achieve a fail-safe BCDR plan. We’ll help you eliminate the vulnerabilities that can nullify your chances of recovery in the face of a calamity. contact us at Advanced Networks today.

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