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Human errors, natural disasters, malware, and mechanical failures can occur at any time. However, with a reliable IT support provider in LA, you can deploy a disaster preparedness plan to mitigate data loss. Apart from the risk of business disruption from data loss, you’ll also face legal liability and hefty fines from regulatory authorities.

Fortunately, you can overcome such fate by investing in a fool-proof data backup and business continuity plan.

Here are the top ways to alleviate data loss with disaster preparedness and recovery planning:

Deploy Multiple Backups

While you can deploy either local or virtual backups, it’s best to deploy both to ensure redundancy. With redundant copies of your data on the cloud and local disk drives, it becomes easy to restore data in the event of a disaster. Also, if one copy is corrupted, you can rely on the other.

You should ensure that your cloud backups are distributed over several geographical regions, as data centers can be wiped out by natural disasters such as hurricanes.

Doing so implies that you’ll have fail-safe redundancy even if one data center is affected by a severe disaster. Multiple backup instances in various locations improve the viability of your backups significantly.

Test Your Backups Regularly

IT support providers in LA offer routine testing of data backups to help you ascertain the viability of your disaster preparedness and recovery strategy. Testing your backups helps streamline your business continuity plan. Running dry runs helps verify the validity, reliability, and accessibility of your backup systems.

It also helps you identify human errors such as wrong configurations which may change the process of indexing new entries on the database and cause data loss.

Deploy an MDM Policy

With the dramatic rise of malware attacks on business networks, stolen laptops, and smartphones are a great risk factor for data loss. As a result, creating a data management policy for mobile devices is critical to protecting your data.

With a mobile-ready data management strategy, you can lock out malicious hackers from preying on your corporate networks.

With the mix-up of company-owned and personal mobile devices, installing an “acceptable use” of mobile devices is necessary to enforce boundaries as to what resources users have access to. In turn, this will limit the possibility of a successful hacking attempt.

At Advanced Networks, we offer state-of-the-art data backup and disaster recovery services. As a leading IT support provider in LA, you can depend on us to help you with disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Contact us now for more information.

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