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What is Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?

A good IT support expert in LA advises data protection safety measures at as many levels of operation as is feasible. A cloud-to-cloud backup uses one cloud network to back up another. This protects you from employee errors that could happen at one cloud facility or another.

Notable Cloud-to-Cloud Advantages

IT services in LA with a cloud-to-cloud backup have an immediate solution for hacks, employee mistakes, or impacts to server arrays on a given cloud. Consider these advantages:

  • Avoids Accidental Deletion
  • Safety From Overwritten Data
  • Protection Against Malicious Cyberattack

Avoiding Accidental Deletion

Your IT support provider in LA will strongly advise having on-site backups. But sometimes with the cloud, data sets are generated, which requires so much space. To do that,  you need to manage a costly on-site server array.

A bigger cloud-reliant business is more likely to fall into this situation. The more likely it is, also, for an employee to accidentally delete something very important. With cloud-to-cloud backup, this problem is considerably diminished.

Being Safe From Overwritten Data

Data can be easily overwritten with storage limitations and the need to maintain forward operational momentum. If this happens with valuable data, cloud-to-cloud backup can allow you to retrieve that data.

Staying Protected Against Malicious Cyberattack

IT services consultants in LA remind customers, large and small, that cybercrime is a pernicious threat that only grows worse. while technology becomes more effective as time goes by 

Your business could be the target of a cyberattack. Sometimes, it’s a cloud provider. Without cloud-to-cloud backup, you could lose everything. This is an unlikely circumstance, but not impossible.

Securing One Cloud Network with Another

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can help you acquire cloud-to-cloud backup solutions that protect your business against malicious cyberattacks, overwritten data, and accidental deletion from internal error. For more information on cloud-to-cloud backup, and associated best practices, feel free to contact us.

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