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Spyware is a direct threat to your business, regardless of its size or number of years in existence. Recognize this threat, react accordingly and you will have done your part to prevent spyware from stealing your data. Our IT support team in LA is here to help with ongoing assistance that keeps your company humming along without spyware getting in the way.

Spyware Basics

Spyware is best defined as malware transmitted to a computer to collect data. This data is then transmitted to a third-party without your permission. Unfortunately, spyware continues to evolve with each passing year. If spyware makes its way onto your computers or mobile devices, it has the potential to steal usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and additional sensitive information. The theft of this information has the potential to lead to fraud as well as identity theft.

Spyware is transmitted through several methods. In particular, spyware commonly occurs when a computer user clicks a link that redirects him/her to a website designed to transmit spyware. The links that set the stage for spyware to collect data can be in popup windows in browsers, text messages, emails, and seemingly harmless web pages. It is even possible for these links to appear on Google search result pages. 

There is also a chance that infection will occur without clicking a link. Malvertising that transmits the infected ad to websites through ad networks is a legitimate threat to your business. Our IT support team in LA can help prevent such an outcome.

Prevent Spyware from Stealing Your Data

Though there is no foolproof means of defeating all types of spyware, you can be proactive to prevent it from moving into your computer or mobile device. In particular, it will help to install software from trusted sources as opposed to software from shady or unknown sources. 

Anti-malware software will also help prevent spyware from stealing your information. Antivirus software built into your operating system is superior to that of third-parties. Don’t forget to update your computing devices. The computer and phone you use should be regularly updated with security updates and software updates. 

Finally, don’t click pop-up ads or any other links that you don’t completely trust. If a pop-up appears on your screen, don’t click “cancel” as it might be a trap that installs spyware on your computer. Close the window or hit the control key in unison with the alt and delete keys to force the popup to close.

Our IT support team in LA has you covered when it comes to spyware and other tech challenges. Contact us at Advancecd Networks to find out more about our IT services. 

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