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IT support Long BeachDo you plan to migrate your email services to Microsoft 365? IT support experts in Long Beach can help you out. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite that integrates the existing Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, etc) into a cloud service. It additionally includes Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business as the major communication and collaboration applications.

Benefits of Moving Email to Office 365

So, why is moving your e-mail services to Office 365 important for your business? The email application of Office 365, also known as Microsoft Exchange, is a powerful tool that improves efficiency, team horsepower, and security.

Improved Efficiency Through AI and Machine Learning

Innovative technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have refined email services. IT support experts in Long Beach leverage these technologies to help businesses capitalize on tools that will transform the way they communicate through email. AI and machine learning work by mimicking the way your company speaks and utilizing the information to facilitate future communication and workload. Through Outlook, AI enables automatic trips and deliveries detection, automatic meeting scheduling, and email sorting.

Improved Security

Every business leader understands the importance of email security, especially in terms of phishing threats that surrounds email communication. Office 365 migration protects corporate mailboxes indefinitely through Litigation Hold function. Additionally, your business gains from SSL/TLS encryption, mailbox auditing, Multi-factor authentication, and mobile device security policies.

Enhanced User Collaboration

Migrating to Office 365 gives your business collaborative team-friendly email tools to make your communication seamless. It comes with 2-way sync capabilities between various user devices like E-mail, Notes, Contacts, Calendar, etc. Again, users can set up out-of-office tools for added convenience. Outlook app is compatible with various platforms like Windows, Apple, Android, and iOS. Moreover, you can integrate Teams, Skype, OneDrive, and Sharepoint.

Easy Migration with the Right Technical Support

Many businesses keep postponing their migration to Office 365 for fear of failure. You need the right skills to successfully transfer existing email systems to the cloud. With the right IT support team, the task shouldn’t be problematic. However, it is never a good idea to carry out the migration on your own since any wrong move can result in information loss or downtime.

Moving your emails to Office 365 enables you to know where your data is and who is accessing it. In case data is lost or stolen through a mobile device, you can remotely wipe out the data and mitigate risks. If you have any questions about migrating your email to MS Office 365, how it is done, and the benefits your business can draw, get in touch with Advanced Networks. Our IT support team in Long Beach is ready to assist you.

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