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Phishing Affects Everybody

Whether or not you’re buying things online from a business account, IT support experts in LA can help secure your personal information from underhanded cybercriminals. It’s the holidays, and a lot more people than usual are shopping online due to pandemic issues. It’s doubly important to be secure when you use the web; especially when there are potential phishing scams.

What To Watch Out For

Because of decentralization, you’re going to see a lot of employees who have gone home early for the holidays with plans of extending their stay longer. For a lot of businesses, this makes sense. The business saves money on infrastructure costs, the employee gets to spend more time with family.

That said, because of home-based work, there tends to be an increased vulnerability. Here’s what to watch out for this holiday season:

  • Relaxed Security From Decentralized Employees
  • Phone Scams Are More Successful During Holidays
  • Varying Shopping Scams Could Impact Your Operation

Relaxed Security From Decentralized Employees

Decentralized employees working from home are going to be more relaxed and less likely to follow due diligence as regards observance of security during work.

Remote operations should have monitoring and support as well as continuous backup. Proper remote management gives you the ability to shut down devices at a distance or lock them out of the network before a phishing virus infects anything.

Phone Scams Are More Successful During Holidays

Your IT support provider in LA will advise your business to be very careful and watch out for scam calls from fake charities. These will seek key information then use that to steal. Scam calls during the holidays happen very frequently.

Varying Shopping Scams Could Impact Your Operation

Shopping scams are also big during the holidays. Big-ticket items will be offered at unreal rates, which is often tempting. That’s when phishers get the “big fish”, using false emails from UPS and Amazon. They usually inform about a supposed delay in package delivery, which is not true, then request key information. Many are vulnerable and unsuspecting to such scams.

People who are at home aren’t free from holiday stress. They may be juggling a dozen things. Shopping scams are more successful during the busy holidays. Therefore, it is best to educate employees on shopping and phone scams and monitor network interactions. Assure that company data are kept secure, safe from cybercriminals.

Keeping Personal and Business Accounts Safe This Holiday Season

IT support services in LA through Advanced Networks can help individuals working remotely and/or from home. Keep employees safe from phone and shopping scams. Education is often the best way to keep operations and everyone secure. Contact us to learn more.

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