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IT support LASince network performance can never be static, you need a reliable IT support firm in LA to carry out real-time network monitoring and optimization. Your system could be performing excellently one minute and terribly the next minute. Issues like hardware failure or power failure could arise unexpectedly, slowing down your network in an instant. So, it’s difficult to tell when your network performance will suddenly get a boost or a hindrance; and that’s where real-time network monitoring solution comes in.

Real-time network monitoring consistently checks your network for performance issues. Your business also gets updates and alerts whenever network performance issues arise.

When you work with our IT support firm in LA, a dedicated team of IT experts will monitor and manage your network based on your specific requirements. Almost every aspect of your business can be remotely monitored and managed. Some of the common services include:

  • Server and application performance monitoring
  • Switch port monitoring
  • Bandwidth performance monitoring
  • Security/network protection monitoring
  • VoIP and WAN system performance monitoring
  • IP address management

As your company operates normally throughout the day, we will track any useful data that can help enhance the security and performance of your network. So, here is how you can keep your business healthy with real-time network monitoring:

Mitigating Problems

You can easily reduce careless wear and tear on various network components through remote monitoring and management. In the process, your business will reduce critical downtime since you can see obstacles from miles away and stop the fire before it starts.

Reducing TCO

Since professional network engineers continuously monitor and maintain your network, you can rest assured that each network component is secure and in optimal working condition. This saves you money on replacing costly IT equipment and software, not to mention the cost of downtimes.

Maximize Uptime

The same way you’d take your car for routine maintenance, your network needs proper maintenance and monitoring to minimize system downtime. A healthy network is the heart of any organization and it pays to have someone working behind the scenes to keep your systems functioning optimally around the clock.

Predictive Analysis

Real-time network monitoring utilizes a proactive approach to enhance the performance and consistency of your network. Instead of waiting for systems to fail before taking action, real-time monitoring allows you to get valuable insights into your network performance issues. That way, you can adjust your network components accordingly to improve future operations.

24/7/365 Professional Support

Finally, your network is kept safe by our expert IT staff around the clock. If by coincidence something goes amiss, someone will be available to answer your call and resolve the issue in real-time.

Interested in real-time network monitoring? Contact our IT support team in LA at Advanced Networks and start a conversation with one of our friendly network experts. Let our dedicated team of IT experts monitor and manage your network based on your specific business needs.

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