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Computer networks enhance the productivity of any firm, but— as an Orange County managed IT services provider will tell you, they also pose potential technological threats. Hackers are continually improving their methods and they lurk on the internet looking for weak points and loopholes. The risk is especially higher for small and medium-sized firms without a lot of resources to maintain secure computer networks.

Below are several IT strategies and practices than you can implement to fortify your IT infrastructure:

Make Use of Passwords and Encryption

Hackers commonly exploit weak passwords to access a network and steal information. Such passwords are easy to guess with predictable details like birthdays and pet names. You should refrain from reusing passwords— you can even use a password managing tool if you have many passwords.

Long and complex passwords are tougher to crack, and they should include numbers, symbols, and lowercase and uppercase characters.

You can also implement encryption programs to discourage hackers from accessing and reading the information on your network. Microsoft and Apple users can use BitLocker and FileVault, respectively, and you can also opt for third-party programs like VeraCrypt and AxCrypt. Encryption will make your files useless to any hacker who intercepts it.

Install Firewalls

Firewalls are a vital solution to network security concerns as they separate your network from external elements. Firewalls will keep out unauthorized users and raise the alarm in case of any intrusion attempts. This solution can also be utilized to divide your network into individual security domains, enhancing layers of defense.

All computers that are added to the network should have active firewalls before connecting to the internet. Firms like Cisco sell hardware firewall, and you can invest in Orange County managed IT services to determine the most effective firewalls for your network.

Maintain Updated Software

Your operating system, browser, and applications should be updated at all times. You may need to schedule regular updates to keep up with releases from the manufacturer. Manufacturers release such updates in response to newly identified weaknesses or threats from cybercriminals. Running an outdated software means that you are exposed to those threats that updates sought to fix.

Train Employees

Network security involves all users, which means that your employees should be empowered to maintain secure networks. An employee can unknowingly open an email attachment that contains viruses or can transfer sensitive information without encrypting it. It is crucial to create a company culture that is committed to IT security via regular training and collaboration.


A network breach will not only cost you millions, but it will also harm your firm’s reputation and image. While the above strategies will deter hackers from your network, you will need long-term Orange County managed IT services. At Advanced Networks, we understand that computer security is a continuous and comprehensive process, which is why we have specialized IT experts to guide you through it. Contact us to know how our IT solutions can make your firm hacker-free.

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