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Did you know that IT support providers in LA can help you prevent compromise attacks on your business email? It’s so popular with cybercriminals that it has its own name. BEC (Business Email Compromise) is a real cyber exploit and has taken the business world by storm.

The attack style is quite simple. In essence, the attacker imitates legitimate company accounts or compromises them, using that account to contact your customers and request payments. Such a simple concept can actually be extremely damaging to companies and their customers.

What Is BEC?

BEC is so damaging to companies because cybercriminals can trick customers and employees into paying them instead of the business. Most companies still use email as the primary communication method, especially to talk to trusted partners and other contacts. In fact, many businesses want to go paperless and send email for receipts, payment requests, and invoicing needs.

However, it’s so easy to compromise an email address, and most people don’t pay close attention to the sender. Generally, it all begins with a phishing attack. The cybercriminal gets access to a finance department email account or the CEO. They can send emails and look legitimate. Since most users trust their boss or the company with which they work, they’re not going to be flagged or otherwise noted as malicious. In fact, they aren’t spam, but they aren’t real, either.

How to Prevent or Stop Them

Most companies find it challenging and nearly impossible to stop these attacks. The first step is often to hire an IT support provider in LA if you don’t have a dedicated department. These professionals can secure the gateway for the email, which is a firewall designed for electronic mail communications. That’s the first step in stopping malware and spam.

These experts can also utilize post-delivery protection tools to monitor the network for anything that looks off or seems malicious. They are programmed to sniff out email compromise, which can prevent the emails from going through.

It’s important that you’ve trained your employees to watch for security issues and know what phishing is. Of course, if you’re worried about it on the customer’s end, this isn’t likely going to happen. Still, you can ensure that the accounts are managed and monitored while bumping up security.
Now is ultimately the time to focus on preventing your emails from being compromised. To do that, it’s a good idea to outsource to an IT support provider in LA like Advanced Networks. We’ve got the solutions you need. Contact us now for more information.

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