Knowing LockerGoga Ransomware and How IT Services Providers in Los Angeles Can Help You Avoid It

IT services Los Angeles

What is LockerGoga?

IT services Los Angeles

IT services providers in Los Angeles recently became apprised of new ransomware going by the name “LockerGoga”. First instances of this ransomware were noted in January of 2019. If you’re unfamiliar with ransomware in general, it’s basically malware which encrypts all your data and won’t give you the key unless you pay a fee. Usually, social engineering hacks of one variety or another are used to gain ransomware access to a given network; but since WannaCry used SMB ports to collaterally invade networks, things have begun to shift. LockerGoga came through a PsExec tool that was renamed.

PsExec requires credentials for access, so it is possible social engineering hacks like spearphishing played some role in securing cybercriminals access. What distinctly separates LockerGoga from other ransomware out there is that it doesn’t provide victims with opportunity to recover encrypted data. It doesn’t even ask for payment. It seems this ransomware’s design is geared at operational disruption above all else. It’s got some deep elements of sabotage defining it. According to, it’s aimed specifically at Industrial firms.

Defensive Action

IT services providers in Los Angeles advise a number of preventative actions. Understanding them requires understanding what LockerGoga does. Basically, it modifies user accounts and changes passwords, locking people out. The ransomware will also try and boot logged-in users out of a given network. From there, the virus relocates itself to make it more difficult to remove. It encrypts files on laptops, desktops, and servers; leaving “ransom notes” on desktop folders. Additionally, it tries to disconnect networks from outside access by disabling WiFi and other means of web access. Accordingly, preemptive measures of protection must be taken.

An IT consultant in Los Angeles advises regular file backup as continuously as possible. Systems must be updated in terms of patches and antivirus options. Email gateways should be sourced to off-set spam or other suspicious messages. Also, application control and behavior monitoring software help deflect mods like LockerGoga institutes. Lastly, facilitation of secure internal operations through workplace education at regular intervals is key.

Comprehensive Protection

An IT services providers in Los Angeles like Advanced Networks can help you secure your data so ransomware infection has the least possible operational impact. Additionally, we can help safeguard your business against specific threats like LockerGoga. Contact us for more information.

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