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Partnering with LA IT support experts is essential for cybersecurity. Brute force attacks continue to grow in popularity due to their effectiveness and simplicity. A hacker only needs to create an algorithm to automatically combine usernames and passwords until they find the right combination. Ultimately, these attacks can ruin the reputation of your business and cost your business countless dollars due to a data breach.

Here are a few of the most common brute force attacks and ways to prevent them:

Simple Brute Force Attack

A simple brute force attack is a popular way for hackers to gain access to local data. There is no limit on the number of login attempts for local files, which gives cybercriminals a much-needed advantage in trying to hack into these files. A simple brute force attack uses a bot to input all possible combinations until a match they match a username with a password. Reaching out to LA IT support professionals is essential in identifying unusual network activity before it becomes too late for your business.

Dictionary Attack

A dictionary attack uses a vast library of potential passwords to attempt to hack into your account. These attacks begin by using a list of the most common passwords available. Dictionary attacks usually require a large number of attempts against multiple accounts before it becomes successful. Training employees on how to create secure passwords is essential in keeping your company protected against a dictionary attack.

Hybrid Brute Force

Hybrid brute force is an even more complex strategy, as it combines simple brute force with a dictionary attack. Instead of testing each password, a hybrid brute force scheme will modify each password with small variations until it finds the right password for an account. These small modifications may be as simple as adding new numbers or changing letter cases.

Reverse Brute Force

Reverse brute force primarily focuses on guessing the username by using a generic password to access an account. The easiest way to avoid this type of attack is to create a detailed password policy requiring employees to always use complex passwords. Each password should consist of, at least eight, characters while also including numbers, symbols, lowercase, and uppercase letters for an added level of security.

Understanding how to maximize security for your company is essential due to the prevalence of brute force attacks. Advanced Networks offers a wide array of IT support solutions for small businesses. Our top goal is to give you the best IT security available with the help of the latest technology. Feel free to contact our LA IT support team to learn more about our managed IT services!

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