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LA IT supportLA IT support provider can provide you with top-tier tech solutions in terms of IoT, or Internet of Things, innovation. Here’s the issue: IoT devices are extremely vulnerable to cybercriminal exploitation. What IoT does is increase the digital “surface area” against which a hacker can aim an attack. A target the size of an apple is hard to hit from a hundred feet; a target the size of a barn isn’t. IoT makes vulnerability more like the barn than the apple, but MDM protocols, dedicated security, and outsourced MSP support can do several things which will fortify your operation. Firstly, they can make IoT defenses stronger. Secondly, they can diminish that which is actually vulnerable through visibility, management, and staff education protocols. It’s like the size of the barn decreases, and it becomes fortified by iron armor. Here are several ways MSPs make this happen:

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Network Visibility
  • Proactive Monitoring and Support
  • Staff Education

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) involves the ability to disconnect, deactivate, upgrade, patch, or erase mobile devices. These include smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and anything else of the IoT variety. While such devices can be managed internally, it will require substantial infrastructure, and be more costly–and likely less effective–than outsourcing LA IT support.

Network Visibility

Management of mobile devices making up an IoT network requires consolidated information facilitating visibility. Real-time visibility can be achieved on varying levels, from that of the “Big Data” variety to less-large, yet still visible management among smaller business IoT networks. The right MSP will work with you for the best balance.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

Internal solutions can monitor all operations around the clock, but again, this is going to be more costly. You’ll need staff, equipment, and the budget to maintain both over time through situations like tech upgrades and disasters. MSPs can monitor and support your business around-the-clock much more cost-effectively. Additionally, as regards IoT, they know the latest cybercriminal trends to watch out for.

Staff Education

Since technology is in continual forward progression, new threats develop at statistically predictable intervals. Working with an MSP can put you and your staff in contact with the latest best practices. Refreshing this education three or four times a year can really safeguard your IoT network.

Reduced Attack Surface, Increased Competitive Edge

LA IT support through Advanced Networks can help you get the most out of your IoT investment, maintaining competitive ability in a continuously transitioning market. Contact us now for more information on IoT, its management, and which solutions are most appropriate for your organization.

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