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LA IT supportLA IT support can be integral in helping your business recover sensitive data after cybercriminal intrusion. While there are things you can do to recover some data if you don’t have a program of recovery in place already, you’ll be better situated if you put together a strategy beforehand. Following are several areas worth concentrating on in order to best secure your operation:

  • Configuration control
  • Regular backup conduction
  • Monitoring of personal activity
  • Continual network monitoring
  • Monitoring of physical environment

Configuration Control

The way in which your network is configured could increase or decrease vulnerabilities. For example, if you’ve got multiple operating systems rigged together in an improvised solution, you’re going to have instances of vulnerability which may not even be detectable through traditional monitoring because of how such disparate operating systems interact. It is advisable to configure systems in as secure a way as possible, and LA IT support can be instrumental in this task.

Regular Backup Conduction

You want to have backups that are conducted at regular intervals. If possible, it would make sense to conduct a full backup during times of low traffic, and then have continual backup in place after that. That is, whenever new data is entered into your network, it is backed up. However, such a paradigm can be difficult for larger networks, which may predicate a backup at areas of low traffic during the day or evening, depending on the operation. Generally, as often as you can back up your network, you should.

Monitoring of Personal Activity

The personal activity of both employees and management should be continuously monitored as possible. This can help identify patterns of use that represent security threats or open wide vulnerabilities to be exploited by cybercriminals.

Continual Network Monitoring

The entire network should be monitored as continuously as possible for greatest security. Again, working with an MSP can be instrumental here. Such organizations have greater resources and knowledge from which to draw, allowing them to more swiftly design, isolate, and prevent anomalous activities from threatening operations.

Monitoring of Physical Environment

Threats to your network can result from seemingly innocuous things, like leaving an entry password on a sticky note near an end user portal. The right MSP can help you design a physical environment that is most conducive to secure operations.

Upgrading Your Business’s Security

LA IT support through Advanced Networks can help your business survive even the most pernicious cybersecurity threats. 2017’s WannaCry attack was launched by North Korea, meaning some threats aren’t just garage-based hackers. Contact us now to ensure your business is properly safeguarded against intrusion.

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