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LA IT Support: Top Signs to Move Onsite Software to the Cloud

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Ask any business owner who has made the transition to the cloud, and you will find the shift provided a number of benefits ranging from enhanced flexibility to decreased software costs, heightened productivity and plenty more. However, most people are hesitant to shift onsite software to the cloud as such transitions are quite intimidating.

Our LA IT support team is here to help you determine whether it is sensible to move onsite software to the cloud. Let’s take a quick look at the top signs indicating it is time to shift onsite software to the cloud.

Sign #1: You Lack a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan

The last thing your business needs is an extended period of downtime. Your company should have an entire disaster recovery plan along with a business continuity plan in place so you are prepared when disaster strikes. Thankfully, the majority of cloud hosting solutions are available with backup/disaster recovery plans so the business can function without interference, even when there is an emergency. You can reach out to our LA IT support team if you need any help with backup or disaster recovery plan.

Sign #2: Your Team is Mobile or You Have Multiple Offices

Companies with workers who are constantly on-the-go and those with numerous locations will benefit from a shift to the cloud as employees will be able to access information at any location and at any time. This enhanced flexibility and increase in access empowers workers to make truly informed decisions based on legitimate information.

Sign #3: Your IT Server and Infrastructure Is Too Expensive

Move business applications to the ubiquitous cloud and you will spend less on IT as a whole. Once you make the transition to a secure cloud hosting space, you will no longer have nearly as many IT worries ranging from the troubleshooting of downtime to routine IT server maintenance, etc.

If you are even slightly suspicious your onsite software should be moved to the cloud, reach out to us at Advanced Networks. Our LA IT support company can help you make a seamless and drama-free transition to the cloud. Contact us now for more information.

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