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LA IT Support: Understanding Multi-Cloud Storage Solution

LA IT supportCloud storage and services are gaining popularity because of the great benefits when compared to traditional alternatives. Cloud storage, for example, provides an off-site, affordable and secure site for your data backups. It is very common, as well, for one business to make use of multiple cloud solutions for different purposes. Let us look at some of the advantages of a multi-cloud storage solution and why LA IT support experts recommend it.

Challenges of a Single-Cloud Solution

There are many reasons why your business might opt to make use of a multi-cloud solution. Many LA IT support companies actually offer this as one of the latest advances and trends in cloud computing solutions. This is with good reason. One of the main concerns that arise from relying on a single cloud solution from a single provider includes the risk of losing or not having access to your data should the provider experience any sort of momentary or long-term disruption or challenges. It makes sense that spreading out your data and IT needs across different services can mitigate this risk.

Adding on to this, there are both benefits and challenges with using either a public cloud or a private cloud as your sole cloud solution. The public cloud is advanced, high speed, externally managed, and therefore more affordable. There is, however, the issue of data security and limited control. On the other hand, private clouds afford you the opportunity for greater control and increased security. The drawbacks of a private cloud include the high costs to set up and manage it for yourselves.

Advantages of a Multi-Cloud Solution

A multi-cloud solution allows you to work with different providers and scatter your data and service needs across different services. This is not the same as a hybrid cloud where you use a combination of a private and public cloud.

Using multiple clouds can help you distribute your cloud computing needs by location and is important in opening up opportunities to tailor your cloud service to your requirements. There may be challenges, however, with such a solution, so it is important to know both sides of the story. You need to be up-to-date with compliance requirements and have the capacity and willpower to manage the additional admin work.

If you are looking for a cloud solution that speaks to where you are as a business, Advanced Networks can help. We are an LA IT support company offering unique and tailor-made cloud solutions. Contact us now for more information.

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