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Many companies are faced with the decision of choosing an in-house VoIP system or using hosted VoIP offered by an LA IT support provider. Both phone systems have advantages and disadvantages, as it is essential to understand the differences between these phone services. Of course, VoIP is always a much more affordable option compared to a traditional phone line, and it is a fantastic way to communicate with clients from anywhere in the world. However, the needs of each business are unique, and it is a good idea to choose whether you need on-premise VoIP or a hosted VoIP system.

On-Premise VoIP – Pros & Cons

An on-premise VoIP system is a significant investment for many businesses. However, an on-premise VoIP system is beneficial if you are a large company that has over 300 phone lines, such as a call center or a company that specializes in customer support. An on-premise VoIP system will ensure that your phone system is always working but it will require dedicated space for the in-house equipment, and it is much more expensive than a hosted VoIP system provided by a managed service provider.

Hosted VoIP – Pros & Cons

Hosted VoIP by an LA IT support provider offers many benefits, which includes not having to worry about draining your in-house internet bandwidth. You also do not have to purchase any additional hardware, which makes it a much more affordable option compared to an on-premise VoIP system. Instead, a managed service provider will ensure that everything is working properly and is always available for any additional support. Hosted VoIP also allows employees to work from multiple locations, which gives businesses much-needed flexibility in today’s workplace. The main drawback of Hosted VoIP is the potential for downtime but choosing a trusted managed service provider will ensure that your business rarely experiences any significant downtime.

Choosing to use a hosted VoIP system provided by an LA IT support firm is typically the right choice for any small business, as it is highly cost-effective and you have access to highly trained IT professionals at any time of the day or night. Advanced Networks is a managed service provider that specializes in hosted VoIP services, as we strive to offer the best IT support for small to medium-sized businesses. We understand that the world of technology is always changing, and it is our mission to provide innovative technology for your company to reach its full potential. For more information about the differences between on-premise and hosted VoIP systems, contact us today.

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