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Today, businesses operate in a fast-evolving threat landscape, making LA IT support vital for seamless operations. According to a recent study, 71% of all cyber security incidents target small and medium-sized enterprises. However, you can avoid most threats if you observe basic cyber hygiene practices.

Cyber hygiene involves basic practices that minimize vulnerability to various cyber-attacks. And while security technology is critical for your business, observing cyber hygiene best practices is what keeps your security technology effective.

Use Strong Passwords and Enable Two-Factor Authentication

While you can leverage IT consulting services in LA and have the most robust cybersecurity technology for your business, it’s futile unless you have strong passwords. Establishing perfect passwords is the basic and easiest way of ensuring system safety. However, human negligence can make passwords a gateway for attackers targeting your systems.

Passwords should comprise unique characters that are not easy to guess. However, even complex passwords are hackable if you don’t use the two-factor authentication feature.

Install Reputable, Updated Antivirus Software, and Programs

Reliable antivirus software will keep your system safe from malware, virus, and malicious programs. Ideally, you should perform regular system scans to maintain a threat-free ecosystem. Having a reputable antivirus is not enough; you must ensure it is constantly updated.

Similarly, it’s prudent to ensure you are using uncorrupt programs and applications. All devices used to access your network must be updated regularly.

Continuous Employee Awareness

Cybersecurity isn’t an exclusive responsibility of your LA IT support team. Your employees can be the weakest link in your security protocols. Regardless of your security measures, your business is susceptible to threats if employees lack sufficient cybersecurity awareness.

The cyber threat landscape is never static, and cybercrime costs will likely surpass the $6 trillion mark by 2021. Strategies that worked yesterday may not be enough to prevent future threats. As part of your cyber hygiene practices, you should ensure all employees know the current threat mitigation strategies and best practices.


With an increasing reliance on technology, businesses should establish robust cyber hygiene practices to maintain optimum security posture. If you want to learn more about best practices in cybersecurity, get in touch with our LA IT support professionals at Advanced Networks.

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