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Every business owner has to decide between storing data in a digital format with a physical backup system or on the cloud by way of the web. Some are hesitant to use the cloud as control is ceded to the cloud provider. In some cases, simply backing up data on a hard drive will suffice. However, as a business grows and the number of people requiring access to data increases, the cloud becomes that much more appealing. Below, our IT consulting experts in Los Angeles detail the merits of each.

The Basics of Cloud Storage

At its core, cloud storage is a service provided by another business. The value in this service lies in the reception of data from customers, its safe storage, management, and its backup on servers positioned in remote locations. Each unique client can access data on the web as desired.

Cloud Storage vs. Local Storage

The nuanced needs of your unique business will dictate whether the cloud or local storage prove optimal. Let’s take a look at what matters most: cost, security, and accessibility. Local storage is fairly secure as data put on drives is only accessible upon request. The cloud has become quite secure in recent years. Though the cloud is not completely foolproof, recent advances in digital security make it highly unlikely your data will be exposed to anyone lacking the proper credentials. Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles is here to implement the latest digital safeguards to ensure your data is fully protected.


Cloud storage is based on the web so all authorized users can go online and retrieve their data. It takes more time to access data by way of local storage. However, if a server is exclusively dedicated to the business and is accessible to users at all times, local storage will prove somewhat comparable to the cloud in terms of ease of access.


Cloud services are cheaper than local storage. There is no need to spend your hard-earned money on uber-expensive hardware when you take the cloud route. Opt to pay a small fee to use the cloud storage provider’s service and you won’t have to worry about sinking a massive sum of money into buying and maintaining hardware.

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