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managed IT services Orange CountyUsing managed IT services in Orange County can help make your SMB more profitable, competitive, and operationally viable. There are several ways this is done:

  • Reduction in labor costs
  • Tech solutions that are comprehensive
  • Optimizations leading to increased profit

Reduction in Labor Costs

Using managed IT services in Orange County can save tens of thousands of dollars in terms of labor alone. If you’ve got an internal tech system for your SMB, then you’ll need at least one employee who is full-time. They won’t be able to work 24/7/365 because they will need time off. You’ll likely need at least three professionals on the job for total coverage.

The average cost of tech people is going to be between $50k and $100k, depending on your location. So you’re looking at $150k to $300k. If you can find a comprehensive outsourced tech solution for under $150k, you’re already saving money. You can probably find it for well under $50k, if you do your homework. This cuts your annual budget into thirds, or even less, depending on your operation.

Tech Solutions That Are Comprehensive

Outsourced technology solutions cover internal technology solutions, as well as MDM (Mobile Device Management). Additionally, they provide the latest in security, as well as the latest in terms of technology upgrade. All of this is provided from without through professionals who deal with SMBs like yours and have greater experience than internal techs can.

Optimizations Leading to Increased Profit

With outsourced tech, you get perspectives that are informed by multiple similar clients to you. As such, these professionals can help you optimize operations by applying the right new tech in the right areas, securing against the worst-case scenario, and continually providing you new solutions as they become viable in the market.

Operational Effectiveness

Using managed IT services in Orange County can save you money in labor, append comprehensive cost savings to operations, and potentially increase profit. Contact us at Advanced Networks for more information on how MSPs better your SMB.

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