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managed IT services Orange CountyWith the growing variety of cloud offerings, businesses have more choices when selecting a specific managed IT services provider in Orange County. The increased differentiation of cloud services by cloud service providers implies that you can pick the provider with the exact specifications you need.

For instance, you can purchase a specific cloud solution such as database as a service (DBaaS) or mobile backend as a service (MBaaS).

However, specialized services are available from different vendors, which demand the use of a mix of cloud environments. With a multi-cloud approach, you register measurable cost-savings, first-rate applications, agility, and reduced total cost of ownership. Below are the top advantages of a multi-cloud strategy:

Vendor Lock-In Prevention

Managed IT services providers in Orange County acknowledge that vendor lock-in adversely affects the performance and efficiency of business processes. When vendor lock-in occurs, it denies you access to new and specialized cloud solutions. As a result, the competition will be at an advantage in realizing growth opportunities and meeting market demands.

However, with a multi-cloud strategy, you are on the front-line of exploiting various cloud technologies as they emerge and deploying them with unlimited flexibility. Besides, you’ll have the room to compare various solutions and choose the best fit.

Increased Resiliency

Using different cloud providers offer you various choices. For instance, with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, there are distinct features; some are aligned with your needs better than others.

Thus, with a multi-cloud approach, you can mix the various features from each platform to cater to your needs. Resolving latency issues, for example, by deploying two clouds in the same geographical region.

Better Risk Mitigation

Using various vendors provides you with an affordable path to redundancy and eliminates a single point of failure. It also enables fast disaster recovery. Also, with multiple cloud services from various vendors, downtime is significantly reduced.

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