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All modern businesses rely on data and IT infrastructure with the interventions of managed IT services in Orange County. This means that disaster recovery plans have shifted from “nice-to-have” to an essential part of business operations. However, building a successful disaster recovery plan for a business is not an easy task. The current business world is complex, especially with the use of multiple platforms.

A successful DR strategy should minimize business downtimes and loss of data by providing unlimited restoration access to essential services quickly. Below are crucial tips for creating a successful DR strategy.

1. Begin with Business Priorities

To create a successful disaster recovery strategy, you should first take into account the various facets of your company’s recovery requirements. This involves identifying the critical processes and services offered by your business. Outline crucial applications and services in your organization alongside the cost of downtime, such as loss of sales or inability to operate.

With the essential process identified, assess the risks of potential threats that you may face and IT resources relied on. Conducting a full inventory will help you identify the critical software and hardware infrastructure required to run them. You should then identify the maximum time required to restore the normal functioning of the services in case of a disaster, and identify key personnel, including non-IT staff, required to restore the systems.

2. Communicate Goals and Responsibilities

Understanding your DR business requirements and identifying various data protection procedures are important. However, communicating your DR goals and responsibilities to all levels of your organization is also vital for a successful strategy.

Communication should begin from the top-level to all persons involved. CEOs and departmental heads should be involved in prioritizing such requirements and assign team members. You should meet and train appropriate staff for a seamless transition in case a disaster strikes as well.

3. Have a Critical Response Team

A successful disaster recovery strategy cannot be implemented without personnel. A critical response team should include external contacts, such as software vendors. Roles and responsibilities should be clearly outlined to avoid duplication of duties. Engaging the services of a managed IT services provider in Orange County can put your company in a better position to prevent and mitigate possible disasters.

A disaster recovery strategy doesn’t prevent disasters from happening, but significantly reduces and lessen its effects. The best plan should help your business get back to its feet quickly. Engaging the services of a managed IT services provider in Orange County will remove the complexities associated with DR strategies. At Advanced Networks, we provide exceptionally managed IT services that help your business get back to normal in case of a disaster. Contact us now for more information.

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