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managed IT services Orange CountyA firewall is often overlooked. Until your computer is attacked, you might not know the importance of a firewall. Firewalls are a link between the inside and the outside of your computer. Even when you have other virus and ransomware protection applications, a firewall is always recommended. If your business operates without a firewall, it might be time to seek assistance from a managed IT services provider in Orange County.

However, even though firewall protection is needed for all businesses, the protection offered by a firewall is often not enough. Usually, all the data that gets into your computer will pass through a firewall. The application scans the data to verify which data is safe for your computer and which information is potentially harmful to your system. You can achieve this through managed services.

Even Simple Firewalls Help

When you do not update and patch your firewalls, you open your systems to attacks. The case of the Wannacry ransomware is an excellent example of how failure to update and patch a firewall will result in attacks and loss of data. The ransomware, which attached more than 200,000 computers, could have been easily prevented had the computer owners updated their firewalls. Even when running the simplest firewall application, as long as you keep it patched and updated, your system is safe.

Beware of Misconfigurations

One problem that most computer owners and businesses face is firewall misconfiguration. You might update and patch your firewall, but when doing so, you misconfigure the application and open your system to attacks. A managed IT services provider in Orange County can help you patch or update your firewall.

Simple errors will render your firewall useless. The right firewall configuration needs to have less permissive settings. Errors in configurations will leave holes in your firewall, making your system vulnerable to hackers.

The Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center in New York experienced a case of a misconfigured system and ended up with compromised data. Hackers gained access to the hospital’s records and changed HIV statuses and other medical records. If you fear your system is not configured correctly, or it is more permissive that you’d want, seek managed services today.

Expanding Your Firewall Protection

The pre-installed firewall in every computer is enough to keep your systems secure up to a point. However, when you are running with a high number of employees, and your network infrastructure has grown, your existing firewall will be strained. Most of your employees will have their own devices, and this may push your firewall, leaving it open to attacks.

When such a time comes, you will need a new protection solution for your systems. A Unified Threat Management (UTM) system can help keep your systems secure. A UTM system will keep your company data safe from all potential threats.

Keep your systems safe by seeking managed IT services in Orange County today. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about cybersecurity and other IT solutions for your business.

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