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managed IT services Orange CountyThere are various ways to use Orange County IT Support to oversee your business technology. For many businesses, it’s 24/7 tech support while others use it for advice to gain a competitive edge.

Here are ways that an IT consultant can protect the data of a financial services firm:

Reasons for Cloud Adoption

The cloud has been widely adopted by businesses to cut costs on hardware and software. In some cases, it allows companies to cut down on office space and energy costs. The cloud can be used for computing on third-party servers, although the company loses a certain amount of privacy this way. That’s why many financial services companies elect to build their own proprietary cloud that only its members can access.

Questions about security have kept financial services organizations from using public clouds in the past. Encryption has become an effective solution for keeping data secure in the cloud. Your Orange County IT Support Provider can work with you to set encryption policies. They can also make sure your system is compliant with government regulations on privacy.

The main question to ask is if you want to use shared resources or keep your data completely private. Some businesses use a hybrid cloud so that they get the best features of private and public clouds. A private cloud is very useful for monitoring company activity.

Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan

The cloud can also be used as a safety net in the sense you can store your files on a third-party server, making them safe from a physical disaster. Most cloud data centers use virtualization, in which several operating systems can exist on one physical server. In this scenario, there’s no way to run out of server space. A disaster recovery plan ensures that your employees will be able to access resources at all times.

The recovery plan spells out exactly what happens in the event of a power failure or a security breach. It determines the backup server and an estimated time length for the primary server to be restored. In order for the plan to be executed smoothly, it should be tested periodically by the IT services team.


Working with a Orange County IT Support provider in Orange County can be the key to ensuring your financial services data is well backed up and protected. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn about how we can make your confidential data much safer.

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