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Managed IT services providers in Orange County deal with cybercriminals from “the dark web”. Now there’s a distinction to be made here. There’s “the dark web” and there’s “the deep web”. They’re not the same, though they intersect. Basically, the deep web is all sites that aren’t indexed by search engines. School registries, the intranets of corporations, etc.–all these things are throughout the deep web.

Meanwhile, the dark web is primarily where that which isn’t conventionally legal takes place. It need not necessarily be a den for criminal activity; sometimes people are simply seeking to operate in a clandestine way for reasons all their own. There are many Baby Boomers who won’t trust the internet with their credit card number but may experiment with bitcoin.

Illegal Activity

Still, the dark web is a hotbed of illegal activity with many services for hire, included among them the manufacture and distribution of viruses like ransomware. Such programs are purchased and distributed by competitors, small countries, large countries, intelligence agencies, and cybercrime startups both local and foreign.

Having managed IT services in Orange County is essential in helping your business understand where threats emanate from on the dark web and whether or not there is any advantage to your own business in going this route for certain necessary clandestine activities.

Everything Together

IT services providers in Orange County regularly deal with things like cloud computing, which is also beginning to play its part in the dark web. The Internet of Things (IoT) is additionally coming into play, and according to Wired, the decentralized internet is here. So, in brief:

  • The dark web isn’t always illicit
  • Cybercrime does come from the dark web
  • New technology is increasingly interfacing with dark web infrastructure

Maintaining Security

A managed IT services providers in Orange County can help you maintain safe operations and know where lucrative activity may be in such miry technology regions. For IT services in Los Angeles that will help you stay informed and safeguard you from increasingly diverse threats, contact us at Advanced Networks.

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