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Managed IT Services in Orange County: Questions to Ponder When Considering the Cloud for IT

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As time progresses, more and more businesses are making the move to cloud-based services. The cloud provides an array of advantages from enhancing digital security to boosting productivity and freeing up essential resources. Office 365 is proving particularly popular as it integrates the widely used Microsoft Office suite with the cloud. The result is a significant improvement in collaboration as well as communication. However, some business owners and managers are hesitant to shift to the cloud as there is an overarching concern that the cloud poses security vulnerabilities. Below, our managed IT services team in Orange County detail the top questions to pose to cloud service providers when considering a shift to the cloud for IT services.

Question #1: Does Your Service Provide Privacy Controls?

The cloud’s privacy controls should be activated by default for every single customer. However, you should also be empowered to turn privacy controls off when desired. Take a look at the data processing terms of the contract to determine if the cloud services provider is contractually obligated to provide comprehensive security and privacy measures.

Question #2: Who Owns the Information Stored in the Service? Will the Data Be Used to Develop Advertising Products?

Those who pay for Office 365 own their data, so they control it in all regards. The service provider should not use customer data for anything beyond providing the service being paid for. Nor should the service provider scan documents or email for marketing purposes. When in doubt, run the proposed agreement by our managed IT services team in Orange County for a thorough review that helps you make sense of the terms.

Question #3: Do You Have a Detailed Approach to Digital Security?

The cloud provider should be able to define the security features offered to safeguard the service from attacks. Thankfully, Office 365 is chock full of advanced security features. However, cloud provider security should extend to the physical security of data centers, detailed security policies/controls as well as security audits performed by unbiased auditors.

Question #4: Is It Possible to See Where Data is Stored in the Service?

The service provider should be completely transparent about where your information is positioned. Customers of Office 365 can learn more about their data by using the Office 365 Trust Center.

Advanced Networks is at Your Service

If you are thinking about moving to the cloud for IT or if you have already made the shift and need assistance, do not hesitate to ask for help from our managed IT services team in Orange County. Contact us at Advanced Networks to find out more about our IT services.

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