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Managed IT Services Experts in Orange County Talk About Deep Web vs. Dark Web

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You may have heard about the deep web. You may have heard about the dark web. Are they one and the same? According to managed IT services experts in Orange County, they are two different things. Knowing the difference is crucial for your technical security.

The Deep Web

You likely access the deep web every day and don’t know you did. It happens each time you log in to your email or your Facebook account.

The deep web refers to any part of the internet that a search engine cannot reach. It may be due to a login requirement or a site that restricts search engines from indexing. If you log in into your bank account, for example, you see information on your balance, purchases, deposits, and payments. Search engines cannot see that information.

While the information on the deep web is a bit boring, it also contains personal information that you don’t want criminals to access.

The Dark Web

According to managed IT services experts in Orange County, accessing the dark web requires more than a standard browser and a password. The dark web requires a specially encrypted web browser that protects your identity as you enter the encrypted network.

The dark web contains content that isn’t for the casual internet user. It is not something just anyone will stumble across. It requires technology that obscures the user’s identity and location.

Most people associate the dark web with criminal activity. The fact is most of the traffic is from countries with heavy internet censorship like Turkey and China. It allows users to browse the rest of the Internet without being caught.

Criminals do make their home in the dark web. Users can find marketplaces to buy illegal drugs, social security numbers, and illicit pornography. Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, are the currencies of choice because they are almost impossible to trace.

While it’s difficult to trace criminal activity on the dark web, it is not impossible. Law enforcement agencies around the world have infiltrated the encrypted networks. They have busted drug dealers, hackers, and identity thieves, among criminals of other sorts.

Why Do You Need to Know the Difference?

Protecting your company from illegal activities begins with knowledge. You may have part of the deep web in your own infrastructure. Hopefully, you don’t have part of the dark web there as well. To learn more or get help with your security, contact us at Advanced Networks. We are the experts on managed IT services Orange County companies trust with their technology and security.

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