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Business owners and managers in need of IT assistance should know the difference between IT providers’ managed services pricing models and conventional pricing models. Unfortunately, plenty of business leaders do a bit of research into MSP pricing, find it confusing, abandon the inquiry and opt for the group with the lowest price or best reputation. Below, our managed IT services team in Orange County delves into the MSP model and to clarify its advantages:

Managed Service Provider Service Offerings

No two MSPs are the same. As an example, some MSPs specialize in network monitoring while others try to do a bit of everything. The question is what your unique business needs. All sorts of services are available, from round the clock support to data migration and beyond. These varied offerings are primarily responsible for the differences in pricing. In general, MSPs with comparably low rates typically offer fewer services than others. Our managed IT services team in Orange County is here to provide you with the specific services you need at a fair price.

Managed Service Pricing Types

Plenty of MSPs provide similar services yet have completely different pricing models. As an example, some MSPs provide a tiered pricing model that generates multiple service tier structures according to each unique organization and the specific services provided. Per tier pricing is favored by some as it is comparably easy for organizations to track it, making everything as simple as possible for each party.

Pricing per device is exactly as it sounds. Pricing is provided based on the device used in the infrastructure. This form of billing is particularly common amongst MSPs as both parties consider it fair. The per-user pricing type is the conventional approach most business owners and managers are familiar with. This model is fair to both parties as the vast majority of users need an average level of support.

Pricing and Scaling

Just about every MSP prices its services so they can be scaled up or down with ease based on client needs. If your business grows (or shrinks), our managed services team in Orange County will adjust services and pricing accordingly. The bottom line is MSPs set pricing according to the services organizations actually need. This arrangement is mutually beneficial as businesses will strictly pay for the services they use.

Are you in need of IT assistance? At Advanced Networks, our managed IT services team in Orange County is at your service. Contact us today to find out how we can enhance your IT, bolster your digital security, and boost your bottom line.

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