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If your company has not recently performed an IT audit, you will find it difficult to determine if your information is truly secure and whether your business is operating at peak performance. It is possible your software updates have not been applied in a timely or comprehensive manner. Perhaps your security protocols are no longer applicable. If you are even slightly suspicious, your company can benefit from an IT assessment. It is time to lean on managed IT services experts in Orange County for an assessment.

Why Poor IT Practices are Such a Problem

As time progresses, just about every company’s employees gradually shape the organization’s IT practices as well as the overarching IT culture. However, if no one is present to reinforce best IT practices, your organization will wind up with insufficient IT in numerous regards. Fret not, you can work with managed IT services experts in Orange County to help with an in-depth assessment to ensure essential tasks are not put off indefinitely. IT professionals can also ensure you are maximizing the money you spend on IT.

Fail to address flawed IT practices and your business will be compromised in a number of ways. It is only human nature for people to take shortcuts. However, such shortcuts will spur security problems such as weak passwords. Even laziness in securing a single business device can lead to a full system being compromised. Furthermore, antiquated computer software and hardware will limit productivity. The bottom line is outdated or ineffective computer hardware/software will put your team at a significant competitive disadvantage.

Adding salt to the wound is the fact that security risks tied to outdated tech ramp up that much more, heightening the chances of a major disruption or another security risk. Fail to update your tech at the proper frequency and you are that much more likely to end up with data loss and/or a crash. Neglected systems are significantly more susceptible to security problems to boot.

It is Time for an IT Fitness Assessment

IT fitness assessments gauge the network as well as the subsystems, comparing them to existing needs as well as best practices. An IT fitness analysis brings the company back in line with its best practices, enhancing operations as well as security. IT assessments pinpoint risks through a comprehensive analysis to locate potential problems in terms of productivity as well as security. Such risks must be analyzed based on their potential to disrupt business so they can be tended to in a truly prudent manner.

If your company has not had an in-depth IT assessment in the past year, you are past due for such an analysis. Advanced Networks, our managed IT services experts in Orange County can perform the assessment on your behalf. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help your business make the most of its technology.

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