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managed IT services Orange CountyOrange County IT Support Providers are constantly providing new solutions, and they have to owing to technological advancement. Moore’s Law is still in play. If you’re unfamiliar, this is a mathematical relationship Gordon Moore noticed in the sixties. Basically, every one to two years, technology doubles on itself. This interval is presently averaged at eighteen months.

Every eighteen months, a totally new level of technological convenience and vulnerability will be unrolled and foisted on the world at large. If your business is using tech that’s decades old, you’re using a gate criminals can just step over as a defense for your digital property. Technology upgrades are necessary for this and other reasons, including:

More Crashes, Increased Downtime

Orange County IT Support Providers commonly contend with clients who haven’t updated systems. Consider one of those pastel-colored iMac’s from the late nineties. Some didn’t even have a gigabyte of hard drive space. They could hardly process a web page from today.

While some equipment lasts a long time, the older it is, the harder time it will have to contend with new tech. This will increase system crashes and expand downtime. A single minute of downtime can cost an enterprise $5,600. What you save by refraining from upgrade you lose through collateral downtime.

Expanding Costs Directly and Collaterally

Downtime losses are collateral expenses. These are losses which aren’t directly experienced. However, there are also direct costs. If your computational equipment can’t process orders because the system can’t handle them, this will diminish your ability to convert new clients. That’s costly. Think of it as a horse and buggy opposed to a milk truck from the 1920s. The milk truck has a clear advantage over the milk cart.

Declination in Overall Competitiveness and Productivity

You can’t be competitive when you’re not in the same league. Additionally, productivity will suffer. That said, getting new tech immediately can facilitate a difficult transition. There’s a balance, MSPs can help you find it.

Security Holes and Legal Issues Stemming from Compliance Laws

Cybersecurity is fundamentally necessary. Additionally, compliance needs may predicate more recent technology solutions. Keeping up to date helps patch security holes and avoid compliance issues.

Current Technology Encourages Reliability

An Orange County IT Support Provider like Advanced Networks can help you decrease crashes and downtime, reduce costs, expand competitiveness and productivity, patch security holes, and avoid compliance issues. New tech in either software or hardware form is key in dodging common pitfalls. Contact us now for more information.

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