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The Value of Consultation

IT consulting in Los Angeles

An IT consulting company in Los Angeles can help your business get the latest in terms of protection, anticipate known threats, and be prepared to handle those which are unexpected. At the very least, proper consultation can help you keep from wasting time chasing solutions that won’t ultimately do you any good.

Setting Up Bulletproof IT Security

Certainly, this is a bit of hype: no security is totally bulletproof. However, if you take the right steps as informed by proper consultation, you can get a comprehensive security net implemented which will catch the majority of threats and keep them from impacting operations. Some tips to consider include:

Consultation Helps Assess Your Vulnerabilities

The right consultation can help you determine where you’ve got hidden weaknesses. This can be done through a penetration test, it can also be done through basic experience. MSPs commonly provide solutions for businesses in the same “sector” of technology. Accordingly, they’ve got similar vulnerabilities. This means the right MSP will be able to show you security holes you may not have been aware of right out the gate.

Taking Inventory Determines Impacting Devices

An IT consulting solutions provider in Los Angeles can also help you carefully inventory your technology. Hard drives, servers, smartphones, laptops, desktops, IoT devices–whatever you use, you need to inventory. Some devices won’t be a vector for cybercrime; others you might not expect will be.

Cybercriminals hack IoT devices all the time–they need to be secured, many businesses forget this. Again, consultation is key in helping determine where such vulnerabilities lie, and how best to manage them.

Assure Permissions Are Restricted to Relevant Parties

Compartmentalization in the military helps retain privileged information among groups who should be in contact with it. Similarly, network compartmentalization via permissions preserves data security and reduces vulnerability. Figure out who needs to know what, where, and why; then divvy up permissions accordingly.

Always Take New Assessments of Associated Vulnerability

Once you’ve got everything in place, it’s important to re-assess operational vulnerability at intervals. Technology exponentially expands on itself, and this has been a continuous trend since the inception of modern computer IT. Accordingly, the “goalposts” of security are always moving. Keep up with them.

Getting Security That Will Fit Business Needs

Advanced Networks is an IT consulting company in Los Angeles that can help you properly assess operational vulnerabilities, take inventory of devices that need to be protected, implement restrictions which consolidate protections, and incorporate new protective measures as they become necessary. To learn more about how we can help you strengthen your IT security, feel free to contact us.

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