Maximizing Cloud Security Using IT Support in Los Angeles

Maximizing Cloud Security Using IT Support in LA

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Does your IT support in LA provide cloud security?

Have you explored the possibility of integrating your existing IT infrastructure with cloud services in the Los Angeles area? These questions are important to ask to keep up with modern technology. While some businesses are still hesitant to have anything to do with the cloud, many now see the cost and security advantages. Here are some reasons to consider protecting your business with cloud computing security.

Control of Your Data

If you do elect to use the cloud with your IT support in LA, make sure your team knows where your data lives to keep it secure. The cloud is a complex network of many servers, but as long as you know where your data is stored, you’ll have more control over it. Learn the differences between public and private clouds. It’s easier for data to get lost in a public cloud, while private clouds are mandated by the government for certain organizations, such as hospitals and insurance companies.

Regular Data Backup

Cloud computing provides easier methods for data backup, whereas traditional infrastructure is not always up-to-date on the best ways to store and access data. Modern data centers use multiple backup servers and make redundancy a priority so that you can easily restore your system quickly without downtime should a power outage or a cyber attack occur. It’s important to keep current copies of your data and applications at all times.

Secure and Reliable Data Centers

The best data centers make cloud security a top priority. Find out if your cloud services in Los Angeles works with companies that must meet HIPAA and PCI requirements. If so, it means they likely provide sophisticated security that encompasses intrusion detection tools and 24/7 monitoring. Ask the data center for references so that you can research clients and get their opinions about the quality of services. The more financial clients the data center serves, the more likely they take proactive measures to provide maximum security.

Rigorous Testing

Many businesses put themselves in jeopardy by forgetting or avoiding to regularly test hardware and software. The cloud saves you from worrying about hardware maintenance and can open the door to a wider range of software possibilities. While there is no guarantee that the cloud will be the answer to all your business needs, it makes life easier on many levels, especially when it comes to security and maintenance.

Your IT support will still need to conduct plenty of testing to be confident your data and applications are well-protected in the cloud. They must constantly run tests to make sure the most sensitive data is difficult to breach because of antivirus, firewalls and other modern security layers they’ve set-up. Some of the strategies that help evaluate the safety of your digital assets include routine vulnerability scanning and backup and recovery testing.

The cloud continues to rise in popularity, so find out what your IT support in LA knows about it. Be aware of why private clouds are much safer than public clouds. If you need to improve your business with cloud computing, contact us at Advanced Networks. We help organizations by providing a wide spectrum of IT services, including custom solutions, so that your business runs as smoothly as possible.

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