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Why You Need to Have IT Support in LA to Contend With Ransomware

Having IT support in LA is fundamental in helping you avoid fallout from ransomware incursion. You’re likely going to deal with this eventually–even if you’re just an individual user. Here’s how ransomware works: it’s “broadcast” as widely as possible. That is to say, there are multiple channels on which ransomware is “spread”. Email, viruses, even in-built vulnerabilities like SMB ports with backdoor access designed by the NSA to spy on people. And even if you’re able to protect against these exigencies, you’re still likely to be undermined by a future ransomware attack exploiting new vulnerabilities with more advanced technology.

If you’re unfamiliar, ransomware basically holds your files for ransom against a payment in bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency that can’t be traced. If you don’t pay, the encrypted files could–and likely will–be deleted. Ransomware is often incidentally invited into computers and networks unintentionally. Following are several ways to help keep this from happening, and to help you handle the fallout if it does:

  • Acquire professional security services
  • Educate your employees
  • Ensure regular backup

Acquire Professional Security Services

IT support in LA is going to be one of your first lines of defense. Continuous updates, proactive monitoring and support, and the latest antivirus programs can all be instrumental in assisting you here.

Educate Your Employees

Employee education is a big part of security. The truth is, the vast majority of security threats develop internally, and this is especially true with ransomware. Say you’ve got an employee on the late-night shift, and they average one call per eight-hour shift. That individual is definitely going to dawdle on the web, and it’s just possible they’ll try to stream a free movie and incidentally download ransomware onto the network. So, outlaw that kind of behavior, or at the very least, find certain sites where such things can be safely done for your late-night employees.

Ensure Regular Backup

You want backup solutions which derive from regular, continuous backup paradigms you can institute. A worst-case scenario is data being entirely frozen and you not having the budget to pay the ransom. But with backups, you can just initialize the system and reboot without the virus. You’ll need recovery protocols in place, and again, working with an MSP is one of the best ways to effect this protection.

Protecting Your Interests

An IT support provider in LA can help you acquire the most professional security services, ensure your employees are properly educated and institute effective regular backups, as well as recovery protocols. Contact us at Advanced Networks to determine what the best security options are for your business and how to implement them.

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