Why A Network Audit By IT Support Experts in LA is Essential For Your Business

Small to medium-sized businesses should have a network audit performed on a regular basis. A network audit is a health report of a small business’s IT infrastructure. It is similar to a physical check-up with the doctor. IT support experts in LA can perform this audit, assess the safety and efficiency of your network, and ultimately help your bottom line.

Why A Network Audit Is So Important

Your company’s IT infrastructure needs a check-up to ensure data loss will not occur. This audit will also identify vulnerabilities that have the potential to expose your network to wrong-doers. It might reveal that you are paying for services you do not actually need. Think of this audit as an in-depth examination of your IT from inside and out. It will provide important insights that could not otherwise be obtained through the traditional approach.

An Ordinary IT Infrastructure Will Not Suffice

Every business requires the assistance of true IT experts to ensure the system is not only safe but regularly updated with the latest software and upgrades. IT support experts in LA can keep your network in tip-top shape. IT experts can implement a robust backup system, review your network setup, update your software and so on. This is the assistance you need to protect your company’s sensitive data as well as that of your clients.

Onsite IT Person Can’t Give The Best Advice

Though you might have an IT guy who helps with installations, upgrades, backups and so on, you won’t know if those additions are actually working as they should unless you are an IT guru yourself. The bottom line is, it is a mistake to rely on a single individual for all of your IT needs and tech challenges. After all, there is a chance this assistant is not doing everything he or she needs to keep your network fully protected. Your business is better served by an expert approach.

Consider the fact that the top issue identified in hundreds of network audits shows backups are not working. Can you imagine losing all of your data, finding out your backup is faulty and attempting to survive? A network audit performed by true IT experts is necessary to prevent such a nightmare.

The Lack of a Plan is a Plan for Failure

Technology is a major expense for the typical business. If you are not sure how much money your company will spend on IT in the next months, half-year or a year, you probably are not prepared to pay for an unanticipated tech emergency. If a disaster occurs, it could throw off your entire budget and take a bite out of your profit margin.

There is no sense in relying on the outdated break-fix approach as you will spend through the nose with each call to your IT assistant. You can eliminate the guesswork in budgeting by leaning on a full team of tech gurus for extensive support.

An IT support provider in LA can help you with your tech needs. At Advanced Networks, we help businesses by performing a network audit and solving their IT problems. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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