Optimize Your Business Continuity Strategy with IT Consultants in Los Angeles

Optimize Your Business Continuity Strategy with IT Consultants in Los Angeles

IT consultants Los AngelesIT consultants in Los Angeles are constantly advising clients to properly back up their files and design plans in the event of total data compromise. Backup and Data Recovery (BDR) is core to business continuity. Today it is possible to maintain operations going forward without any loss in visibility or service provision— but only provided your MSP properly employs all the tools available to it.

A great example is database mirroring, wherein cloud computing solutions “reflect” your database such that if primary systems can be seen to be near a crash, they can be “reflected” across the cloud array on which you have your information, and so you don’t experience any losses in availability or utility of technical resources during a security infraction. A secondary “reflected” system can be used, and the primary one rebooted.

Solutions like these are out there, and they are recommendable. If you’re still not convinced, consider some of the threats that will impact your business in 2018 and beyond:

Increasing Hackers

IT consultants in Los Angeles must continuously deal with a spike in cybercriminal activity. This is a multi-trillion-dollar industry that grows bigger every year and transitions as technology does. There’s no way to stop regular crime, and cybercrime is just its digital doppelganger. Your business’ size doesn’t matter, either— small businesses are often targeted by cybercriminals.

Unavoidable Human Error

It doesn’t matter how skilled you or your IT team are— mistakes will be made. If you don’t have fail-safe solutions like BDR strategy for business continuity in place, simple mistakes can end up totally undermining your business.

Malware and Cyber Viruses

Oftentimes, viruses are sent out like a bottle with a message in it on the high seas. Hackers don’t know where malware ends up; they just design programs and send them out into the ether like a fishing line, hoping to snare your business. You need proactive security solutions and a continuity plan in case you get snared.

Natural Disasters Which are Beyond Prediction

Can you tell when an earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, or lightning storm is going to hit? No; and the weatherman’s only right half the time. Natural disasters can undermine your business. Contingency plans and off-site backups are fundamental for any business that wants to perpetuate viability.

IT consultants in Los Angeles from Advanced Networks can reduce the risks of operation through comprehensive BDR support that enables forward business continuity. Contact us to maximize your security.

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