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As time progresses, more and more companies are shifting to the cloud. Cloud computing is essentially a system that permits the use of computer services through the web. However, some business owners and managers have not yet shifted to the cloud for varying reasons. Below, our Orange County managed IT services team explains the merits of making the move to the cloud.

Enhanced Flexibility

Mobility is one of the primary advantages of cloud computing. Cloud computing provides you and your team with the flexibility necessary to work in a remote manner. Shift to the cloud and your team will be able to work from home, a hotel, a cafe, etc. In the end, the cloud will empower your office to reduce its workstations as well as its utility bills.

The Cloud Lowers Costs

Building and operating a data center is costly. From buying all the necessary equipment to hiring the right technicians and beyond, there are plenty of expenses to consider. Make the move to the cloud and you will strictly pay for services provided. Cloud computing services are priced based on their features, the number of users, memory space, time, storage and other factors. Be sure to select the package best for your unique company. When in doubt, rely on our Orange County managed IT services team to help you make the right cloud selection.

Improve Your Data Security

Storing information on the cloud is safer than keeping it on a physical server or in a data center. If computing equipment is stolen at your office, you will have quite the problem on your hands. Alternatively, businesses that make use of the cloud can shift confidential data to a separate account or even delete it in a remote manner.

Enhanced Collaboration

The cloud might be just what your team needs to work in a more collaborative manner. Segue to the cloud and your crew will be able to share data with ease regardless of their location. The cloud empowers employees to update data in real-time so co-workers can collaborate in a truly seamless manner regardless of their physical location. The result is a dramatic improvement in employee camaraderie as well as a spike in organizational efficiency.

It is clear nearly every business can benefit from a shift to the cloud. At Advanced Networks, our Orange County managed IT services team is here to help you make a seamless transition to the cloud with as little drama and downtime as possible. Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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