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Your business can strengthen its security by working with Orange County managed IT services experts. The key is to work with experienced professionals who keep up with cutting-edge technology that protects and streamlines an operation. An often-overlooked security concern is: when employees leave the company, they may take confidential information with them. Here are ways you and your IT team can guard against leaks:

Establishing Security Policies and Agreements

Every company that uses an electronic network should set strict policy rules on who has access to its network. Part of these rules should shape parameters as to what employees can do with confidential data owned by the business. All employees should be given forms to sign when they are hired, agreeing to keep internal information private.

The concern for a company that executes a careful hiring process is not necessarily that certain employees will compromise confidential data. Businesses simply have a responsibility to protect private customer and employee data and must prevent it from leaking, whether intentionally or unintentionally. It’s a similar problem when an employee loses their smartphone.

Employees may have access to trade secrets and internal data concerning marketing, finances and competitive strategies. They may store countless emails that contain confidential information or have access to company databases. This scenario is particularly common in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workplaces.

Taking Proactive, Protective Steps

Orange County managed IT services experts can assist you in executing strict security policies. They can monitor your network at all times to identify suspicious activity and lock out unwanted visitors. The key to protecting a business against breaches is setting up multiple layers of security, such as passwords, encryption, firewalls, virtualization and employee training. All employees should be periodically reminded to watch out for and not click suspicious emails.

IT experts know how to protect and store your data, they can store it in the cloud and on certain devices. All sensitive data should require authorization to gain access. Limiting access for each employee based on their department is a fundamental strategy to protecting company data. Access to HR files should be limited to employees that deal directly with the HR department.

IT professionals can take care of all your application installations to prevent exposure to malware and ransomware. They will regularly back up all your files and have an emergency backup plan in place. Part of your company’s security policy should specific how employees handle the exit process professionally.


Teaming up with Orange County managed IT services experts lets you eliminate several of the fears and headaches involved with security. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about keeping your network as secure as possible.

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