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As time progresses, many more businesses move to the remote model, mainly because it enhances flexibility and efficiency while reducing overhead costs. Flexibility concerning work hours is particularly important for coveted, tech-centric young workers. Our Orange County managed IT services team can help you facilitate this transition to ensure you make the most of your tech investment.

Consider Whether Your Business is Suitable for Remote Work

It must be noted, however, that some businesses are not suited for a remote business model. There are some lines of work that require a traditional location where customers are served and employees interface with one another as well as customers. Consider whether your business can make the transition to a remote business model without sacrificing your revenue stream. If not, consider whether you can at least partially shift to the remote business model.

A Graceful Transition to Remote Work

It will take more than one day to make your business 100% remote. This is a business decision that affects everyone at your enterprise, so be patient and address concerns as they arise. Be sure to tout the merits of a flexible work schedule so your team is fully on board with the transition. Encourage employees to develop new routines that facilitate a painless shift to this new style of work.

Choose the Right Employees for Remote Work

Working away from the office suits certain employees better than others. This is precisely why you should be careful when hiring and assigning remote work to specific employees. Those who are exemplary communicators will thrive in remote work environments. Expert communicators avoid those dreaded costly misunderstandings that sabotage businesses and worker morale.

Zero In On Accountability

If your team is not accountable, they will struggle with remote work. Allowing those whom you do not trust to work outside of the office has the potential to backfire in a big way. Restrict work-from-home opportunities to those who have earned your trust, are self-disciplined and fully comfortable with the technology necessary to work outside of the office. If you need any tech assistance, our Orange County managed IT services team is here to help you implement the necessary tech tools in a seamless manner.

Reach out to us at Advanced Networks if you have any questions about shifting to a flexible remote business model. Our Orange County managed IT services team is ready to help you with all of your tech needs. Contact us now!

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