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Orange County managed IT servicesThe spread of ransomware or another virus through your network by way of a single entrance point has the potential to cripple your business. Our Orange County managed IT services team is here to help prevent this nightmare. Let’s take a quick look at some security tips that will boost your endpoint protection.

Implement Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection has improved to the point that regular signature-based virus protection will no longer suffice. Today’s endpoint protection platforms are incredibly advanced. These tech tools conduct behavioral analysis with machine learning to pinpoint threats.

Make Use of Discovery Tools to Understand Your Network

Modern day businesses rely on all sorts of technology including computers ranging from desktops to laptops, smartphones and beyond. Each device is spread across operating environments, some in physical platforms and some in data centers. In fact, some are even in the cloud. Your business needs automated discovery tools to pinpoint every single digital asset and gauge whether it is in compliance with your security policies. Our Orange County managed IT services experts are here to help you make the most of discovery tools.

Prepare an Incident Response Strategy

The proper security controls really can decrease the likelihood of a breach. However, there is still a decent chance a breach will occur in due time. Every organization should recognize this fact and prepare appropriately. Your business needs the proper tech and processes in place to ensure a rapid and prudent response if such a breach occurs. Security tool integration has the potential to pay massive dividends by permitting tools to aggregate knowledge and take the appropriate actions necessary for remediation. Ideally, this will occur without the need for extensive intervention from your tech support team or your internal IT employee(s).

An Integrated Solution Will Make Everything Easier for Your Internal Team

Talented, well-educated and experienced digital security experts are few in number yet essential for your company’s continued success. Unfortunately, there will likely be a shortage of cybersecurity gurus in the years and possibly even the decades to come. It is imperative you do everything possible to secure your data, network, and computers. However, paying through the nose for internal IT experts is not the answer. An integrated solution will bolster security by boosting workflows through a reduction in project hand-offs within your organization. Integrated solutions also help combine information elements to boot.

The moral of this story is if you have the will to ensure endpoint protection, we will provide the way. Reach out to our Orange County managed IT services team at Advanced Networks for more information about how we can help your business with endpoint protection and other forms of digital security.

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