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Orange County managed IT servicesIt’s easy to forget about your company’s technology when things are running smoothly. However, when something goes wrong, you notice it immediately. Support for your technology infrastructure is critical. But, which one of the Orange County managed IT services providers would be best for your business?

Four Steps to Finding the Right IT Support

  1. Know what you need – It is critical that you know what kind of IT support you need. For example, a sole proprietorship with a single office would have different needs than a larger retailer with multiple locations. Defining what you need will help you get an accurate quote during the next step.
  2. Talk with several IT companies – Don’t go with the first company you talk to. Pricing can vary significantly from one provider to another. Some Orange County managed IT services providers specialize in one or two industries. Others work better with smaller businesses than larger ones. Get a formal quote for your immediate needs, as well as a price list for additional services.
  3. Verify each company’s qualifications – Take your time with this step. Ask each provider for references, and call each one. You are going to be trusting a provider with access to your company’s data and technology. Don’t take chances. Talk with the person who would be your account representative. Make sure you are comfortable with that person.
  4. Ask questions – No question should be out of bounds with a provider. You need to know their average response time, their process for logging issues, and who you can escalate issues to. Make sure you thoroughly review the contract and ask about penalties for changing the terms as needs change.

Each of these steps will let you know what each IT company has to offer. And that gives you the information you need to make an informed decision. At Advanced Networks, we are a leader among Orange County managed IT services providers. Let us show you what we have to offer your company. Contact us now to know our managed IT services in Orange County.

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