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Outsourcing to an Orange County managed IT services provider and using cloud computing can really benefit your company with higher flexibility and lower costs. However, if you plan on bringing the cloud into your company, it is important to understand the basics of this technology and how it can benefit your business.

What Exactly Is Cloud Computing?

With cloud computing instead of hosting your company’s data, software, and applications internally, you have an Orange County managed IT services do it. You no longer have to worry about upgrading storage and hardware periodically. The tradeoff is that you gain flexibility and control.

Cloud computing makes adding new applications easy. Instead of requisitioning the software, downloading it, installing to test, then applying it to production, you just click a few buttons and it’s ready to go.

The Three Cloud Computing Models

Since cloud computing gained popularity, three models have emerged.

  • Public Clouds – Public clouds are completely owned and operated by third parties such as Google. They offer their services to the public.
  • Private Clouds – Private clouds are managed completely for one company or entity. It can be on-site or in a data center.
  • Hybrid Clouds – Hybrid clouds mix public and private cloud models based on client needs.

Cloud Security

One of the most common concerns that business owners have about cloud computing is security. A public cloud model is not appropriate for companies that need to protect sensitive customer and employee data. A private cloud offers the highest level of security. A hybrid cloud allows sensitive data to be stored in the private cloud while still retaining the security of the public side.

You can build a cloud solution inside your company’s infrastructure or use one from a managed IT services provider in Orange County. Security wise there is not much difference because the measures you take to secure your data is what keeps it safe not its location.

Cloud computing can help reduce your IT costs while giving you greater flexibility. To learn more, contact us at Advanced Networks. We provide Orange County managed IT services , including cloud computing services.

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