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Engaging the services of Orange County Managed IT services providers enables businesses to enjoy the success of 5G wireless technology. For the next coming years, businesses are expected to accelerate exponentially, thanks to the inception of 5G technology. From self-driving delivery trucks, virtual and augmented reality, to an enterprise world of the Internet of Things, 5G technology will possibly bring along the fourth industrial revolution.

However, 5G success significantly depends on its ability to resist, survive, or recover from traditional and arising cyber threats brought by the technology’s complex architecture.

5G Technology Threats

A formal analysis of the 5G technology authentication by researchers from ETH Zurich concluded that 5G would usher in a new era of arising cybersecurity threats. According to the research, the technology presented new risks because:

  • 5G is immature and inconclusively tested technology
  • Provides quick access to huge amounts of data thus broadens the attack surfaces
  • 5G depends on 4G or critical applications

As with 3G and 4G networks, 5G employs a standard Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA), a system that enables networks to trust and rely on each other. However, 5G has two significant vulnerabilities in its AKA system. 5G technology enables malicious users to move usage charges from one user to another account and makes it possible to find nearby devices, which enables easy tracking of other users.

It is because of these unique properties that IT security experts and security operations center leaders should be concerned with 5G technology. Realistically, 5G brings about high costs for new equipment compared to 4G systems. Therefore, enterprise leaders will exert pressure on IT departments to roll out 5G technology on a stressed budget, possibly ignoring the need to address the security issues of the network.

Cultivating a 5G State of Mind

5G is a new technology that will bring about entirely new concepts. You should work with Orange County Managed IT services professionals to ensure that you build a solid foundation of the network’s security. The majority of cybersecurity risks lie in the type of 5G infrastructure installed. 5G will undoubtedly magnify the existing security threats, requiring scaled up protection.

As mentioned, 5G will be expensive to install, and the security to make it functional will also be expensive. As such, you shouldn’t skimp on any area to cover the costs of another. Simply put, you should consider deploying 5G securely or avoid it altogether.

The pressure to roll out 5G deployments is certainly huge. However, smart and slow deployment, which involves building new infrastructure complete with endpoint management solutions, can control this expanding attack surface. You should as well involve the expertise of Orange County Managed IT services providers for a secure installation. At Advanced Networks, we assure you of a secure transition to this fully fletched system. Contact us now for more information.

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