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Orange County managed IT servicesVoIP technology by Orange County managed IT services providers is a great option for many businesses. VoIP software allows you to easily communicate with others by using the internet to make phone calls. VoIP technology also offers a diverse range of features, such as video conferencing, instant messaging, call queue, music on hold, inbound faxing, and much more. VoIP is also easy to set up at nearly any location and is a cost-effective investment for most companies compared to using a traditional phone system.

Taking the extra time to research the available VoIP systems is essential in finding the best technology to meet the needs of your business.

Proprietary VoIP System

A proprietary VoIP system is widely available and is a great option for many companies. One of the biggest advantages of a proprietary system is that it creates a consistent user experience and additional security options against cyber threats. A proprietary system makes it almost impossible to modify the programming code, as it plays a key role in preventing users from unlocking any potential vulnerabilities. Orange County managed IT services providers can help you choose from the numerous proprietary systems available on the market.

Open-Source VoIP System

An open-source VoIP system is free and is also accessible to anyone. Typically, an open-source system is a great solution if you want to make any adjustments and create a customized product. The flexibility of open-source systems usually requires a larger upfront investment compared to a proprietary system, but it will be a cheaper option in the long run. These refined solutions give you the additional freedom to customize a VoIP system to better meet the unique needs of your business.


Understanding the various advantages and disadvantages of the available VoIP systems is key to finding a solution that is best for your company. At Advanced Networks, we offer Orange County managed IT services for a wide range of clients and we can help you find the best VoIP system for your organization. Our IT teams are also available at any time to answer questions, as we understand the importance of always providing the highest levels of customer support. Technology is always evolving, and it is our goal to give your business access to the best tech available and help your company unlock its full potential with VoIP services. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the many benefits of VoIP technology!

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