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Orange County managed servicesOrange County IT services facilitate security solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This is very necessary, and for multiple reasons. First, consider that IoT is coming to define modern tech infrastructure. If you’re going to retain competitive viability, you’ll need the monitoring, metrics, and other data services which are made possible through an expanded technology surface area. However, an increased tech surface area additionally increases vulnerabilities. Even worse, should data be compromised on an IoT network, the fallout could be much worse.

Realistic Considerations

Imagine an entire airplane being digitally hijacked. That’s not unrealistic; especially considering the recent airplane crashes that developed from faulty autopilot software. Imagine a hacker breaking into such a system and sending an airplane into a cliff deliberately. Cybersercurity is paramount, and doubly so as pertains to IoT applications. Following, several strategies will be briefly outlined to give you an idea what sort of protection your IoT network needs:

RMM/MDM: Software Update, Operating System Management, and Wiping Capability

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) represents an integral security measure in the deferral of cybercriminal intrusion. You need to be able to update systems externally from an internal place of control. Also, you should have remote wipe capability.

Should quarantine keeping devices from accessing networks become necessary, this should be an option. MSPs can help institute the best RMM protocols. Mobile Device Management (MDM) overlaps most of these protection measures.

Minimizing Accessibility of Devices

How accessible devices are will bear a close relationship with how hard or easy it is to enter them in an unauthorized way. Devices should only be accessible given the right access criteria. Usernames and passwords need to be updated regularly.

Device Authentication Prior Network Access

Orange County IT services providers tend to institute protocols which don’t even let an IoT device have access to your network unless it’s been properly authenticated. There is a slight downside here in that authentication can take time, slightly reducing the speed at which you can utilize your IoT array. However, what you lose in time you’ll gain in security; and that’s better.

Keeping Networks Safe

An Orange County IT services provider like Advanced Networks can help you institute the best authentication protocols, ensure accessibility of devices is strictly monitored in terms of passwords and login data, and help you determine which RMM/MDM protocols best fit your particular business. Cybercrime and IoT applications are in expansion; this trend looks as though it will continue. You need to be prepared. Contact us now for more information.

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