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Orange County managed servicesOrange County IT services providers encourage businesses to install firewalls as a defense mechanism for cybersecurity. However, this should only act as the first line of defense. A firewall alone cannot fully protect your network from unauthorized access; the system can be compromised and penetrated easily. For instance, most businesses have adopted a BYOD work environment where employees are allowed to work using their mobile devices. In addition, some even work from home or from wherever they may be. Given these circumstances, you cannot rely on a firewall alone to keep your company’s data or clients’ information safe.

The following are more reasons justifying that firewalls alone are not enough security for your business data:

They Can Easily Be Hacked

No security measure is 100% perfect. Hackers will always find ways to compromise or breach a system. They will exploit any weakness in the firewall’s configuration or even bypass it completely by manipulating an employee. It is even worse if the firewall has been used for long because legacy systems are always more vulnerable.

Firewalls are Only Effective for Office Network

As far as cybersecurity is concerned, firewalls only protect the network within the office. This means that any instance when an employee accesses work files from a mobile device, the data becomes vulnerable. Connecting to some public Wi-Fi somewhere, like in a hotel, also renders your security data security vulnerable. Hackers will always find a way of surpassing a firewall. They could set up a fake Wi-Fi hotspot and cause a data breach. Orange County IT services provider can help you create security policies for a mobile work environment to avoid falling victim to a possible data breach.

Insider Threats Will Surpass a Firewall

A hacker may want to get into your systems using malicious emails. An employee will probably receive an email that requires him or her to click on a certain link. Most employees may be aware of such phishing scams and they will not click that link. However, some will unknowingly click. Once done, this means that the hacker gets hold of your system and the firewall cannot prevent the obvious from happening.

For efficient cybersecurity, Orange County IT services providers recommend that you go beyond just a firewall. Take a number of security measures to minimize the chances of a security breach. If you want to learn more about cybersecurity, contact us at Advanced Networks. Our experts will be glad to discuss with you more ways of keeping your business data safe.

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