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The coronavirus has resulted in nearly half the employees in the United States working from home (WFH). However, some businesses are woefully unprepared in terms of IT support and IT security for this transition. Our IT consultants in Los Angeles are here to help your employees work with maximum efficiency while at home during and after the pandemic.

Consider the Computers Employees Will Use

Some employees have their own computers as well as the necessary software for WFH. However, most employees will need at least one type of hardware or software upgrade to prove effective while WFH. Do not hesitate to give your employees the tech tools they need to work with efficiency from home. Employees need everything from desktop computers to laptops, smartphones and beyond in order to prove productive while away from the office.

Ongoing IT Support

Even if your team is quite tech-savvy, they will eventually need assistance. Our IT consultants in Los Angeles can help you determine exactly what your employees need in terms of tech, develop a plan to meet those needs, and ensure they work with true efficiency while outside of the office.

As an example, the use of tech tools ranging from Zoom Video to Microsoft Teams and Amazon Web Service will help your team get their jobs done right. An Amazon Web Service server migration has the potential to prevent a lengthy and costly deployment, boost availability, and hike efficiency.

Additional Equipment Needs

Aside from hardware and software, employees are likely to need a couple of other tech tools to work with a high level of efficiency at home. Do not hesitate to provide your staff with webcams for video conferencing, video cards, microphones, and whatever else is necessary to get their jobs done right. This way, if an employee does not perform up to expectations, you can terminate him or her with due cause. Fail to provide your WFH employees with the tech tools necessary to get their work done with efficiency, and they will have a much more convincing argument that they were unlawfully terminated.

Our IT consultants in Los Angeles are here to help your business maximize the efficiency of your WFH employees as well as on-site workers. For more information, contact us at Advanced Networks.

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